How does Craps come about.

Craps is a game of dice that involves placing bets which depends on result of dice rolls. The dice rolled once or multiple times depending on the terms of the round. Check for more.

Origin of Craps

Craps has its roots from the US, it is assumed to be an improvement on the European called game of Hazard. Although the origin of the game of Hazard is not known till date.

Game of Hazard brought from London in 1807 to New Orleans by a gambler and a relative of the wealthy colonial Louisiana. His love for gambling coupled with his influence made the game accepted.

  • Game of Hazard
  • Gambler

Basics of Craps and terminologies.

Just like every other casinos have specific languages they use in communication, Crap has its lingo. These lingos are listed in the next paragraph. Players must be ready to master them to succeed on the game.

Below are few of the lingoes; Snake Eyes: Both dice showing 1s, known as aces. Come out: The first roll of a shooter or an act of getting the dice rolled when no established point yet.

How to play Craps.

To learn craps, you have to get yourself acquainted with the atmosphere of the game. The first thing you must do is to identify the role of those controlling the game , there are four of them.

The stickman, boxman and the two dealers are those conducting the game. To play, a bet must first be place even before the fist dice is rolled. The player rolling the dice is called the shooter.

  • Stickman, Boxman
  • Two dealers

Variants of craps.

Craps are played in different ways occasioned by the player's region and how they relate to the game history. Bank Crap, which makes use of a special table layout is also known as Las Vegas Craps.

Bank Craps are played by throwing dices over a string that is stretched some few inches from the table surface. There is also the Crapless craps, which can also be called the Bastard Craps.

  • Crapless Craps
  • Bastard Craps

Final thought on Craps

Craps is an exciting game that gives everybody equal opportunity to win. Though the game so much depended on luck, nonetheless, some players have adopted some system they deploy to play such as martingale system.

If you care to play a casino that with give you all the satisfactions available on online gaming, do you best to locate a Casino that features Crap in your area and start playing.