Portable Fax Machines

Take your fax machine with you

A portable fax machine is a model that is small, lightweight and relatively easy to carry from place to place. It may also be known as a mobile fax machine. These devices are generally battery operated, and can be used in conjunction with a cellular phone or just a phone line. They basically let you send and receive a fax from just about anywhere, including your vehicle, a park bench, a construction site, a boat, an airport waiting terminal, etc. A portable fax machine can be extremely useful for sending and receiving time-critical documents such as confirmations, order acceptances, delivery details and hand written messages. The first portable fax machine with a built-in cellular interface was introduced in 1993.

Most of these units come with a cellular phone interface, cables, a battery pack, battery charger, car adapter, thermal fax paper, power supply, carrying bag and modular telephone line adapter; however, they may vary in their features and capabilities like modem speed, transmission speed, scanning method, paper size capability, resolution, power consumption, weight, size and, of course, price.

You can also get portable multifunction fax machines that have other capabilities such as copying, printing and a telephone. Some of these devices have a built-in scanner for scanning documents into memory that will be faxed later, and also a handset that allows you to make and receive voice calls. Automatic printing of incoming messages is an option, and the copier function and language has independent user interface.

Portable fax machines are ideal for people who are always on the move, but still need to send and receive fax documents. They are particularly ideal for surveyors, landscapers and researchers, as well as truckers who may be waiting in a border crossing lineup. (They will still be able to ship out and receive important information regarding their cargo or customs documents.)

You can usually get a mounting kit if you're going to be using the machine in your vehicle. You may also be able to rent a portable fax machine or multifunction fax machine, or pay on a monthly service plan.

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