Multifunction Fax Machines

All in one fax machines

A lot of people are now buying multifunction fax machines for their homes and businesses as a way to save valuable space and money; these machines save the buyer from having to purchase three or four separate pieces of equipment. These devices are basically all-in-one machines that combine a fax machine with devices such as copiers, scanners and printers. Because they offer a wide variety of functions, they are often referred to as multifunction copiers, multifunction printers and multifunction copiers. Portable multifunction fax machines are also available.

When looking for a multifunction unit, you also have to make sure it can meet all your needs. You should check out the fax modem speed. A lot of these units have integrated fax / modems of 33 Kbps, which means your faxes are quicker and cheaper to send. You should also inspect the fax features and capabilities carefully.

If you're looking for functions such as fax broadcasting, group-dialing, and fax broadcasting etc., make sure the unit's printer and fax machine can offer them to you. And even though you may be buying the multifunction device primarily for faxing, you should still make sure the other parts of the machine are up to par.

You should never buy a multifunction fax machine without testing it first. Test each function separately to make sure the unit can satisfy all your office and personal needs with its resolution, speed, etc. Lower end models are usually inkjet-based; most large-office devices use laser printers for higher quality work.

While shopping around you'll notice that the more memory a multifunction fax machine has, the more it will cost. While 8 MB (megabytes) of memory may be fine for home and small office use, you should consider a unit that has at least 16 MB of memory if you are working with large documents or if the machine will be shared by many users. Some models allow you to fax, print, copy, scan and email simultaneously, even while other jobs are running. You can get multifunction fax machines in black and white and color models, network units and refurbished models. You should also be able to rent a multifunction fax machine.

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