Fax Machine Rental

You don't have to buy a fax machine

Another alternative to buying a brand-spanking new fax machine is to rent a unit. This is a common practice for many companies throughout North America. All types of fax machines are available that could meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses, however multifunction units are the most common type selected. While most companies will rent fax machines on a long term basis, others also offer short term rentals, such as weekly or even daily. Some rental agencies will make you sign a lease, which could be anywhere from one month to two years, but which could also offer the option to buy the machine when the lease is up. You may also be charged for usage, with a set price for each fax sent and received, and for each copying job if you have a multifunction unit.

Renting a fax machine from a dependable company can be a good idea if you only require the machine for a short period of time. Another benefit of renting a fax machine is that you usually have the option of upgrading or downgrading the unit. This means you can keep up with the technological advancements of fax machines by upgrading to top of the line models as soon as they're released. If you find the fax machine you're currently renting is actually better than what you really need, you can also downgrade and save yourself a bit of money. While some companies rent out top grade fax machines, other units may be excellent refurbished models that you could have the option of owning.

For a lot of people, one of the top advantages of renting a fax machine is the fact that most of the rental agencies will perform all routine maintenance and repairs on the equipment. Some of the businesses may even throw in all of the supplies needed except paper. You can depend on most rental firms to provide you with fast emergency repair service and routine equipment maintenance. Most service technicians carry a stock of fax machine parts with them, so they can repair your unit on the first visit to your home or office. However, if the machine needs to be taken in to be repaired, or if the necessary part isn't immediately available, most rental agencies will replace your machine with a similar model.

You should always make sure you're very clear on the service agreement you have with your rental company, as it may vary from others you have dealt with or heard about. You don't want to stumble across any unwelcome surprises after you've entered a contract.

Most rental agencies are also experts in setting up network machines in offices where multiple users have access to the device from their individual work stations. You should shop around to find the best deal when it comes to renting a fax machine that will meet all your personal needs or those of your business.

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