Internet Fax Machine

Free and commercial services to send your faxes

Services that allow you to send faxes via the Internet enable you to access documents by using any Web browser or e-mail client, without having to install special fax software on your computer. These companies are generally known as Internet fax providers, and they operate fax servers as a commercial or free public service. The method is often referred to as 'no paper fax machines'. People who subscribe to this type of fax service can interact with the servers by methods that are similar to those available for standard fax servers.

There are many free and commercial services available that enable you to send faxes over the Internet. Some of these providers will require that you send and receive electronic mail, or that you have Internet access, while others need you to install special software in your computer. Some services will also let you receive faxes as well, and they usually provide you with a toll free number to do so.

When a fax is sent to you at a special number, it is either delivered to you via an e-mail address or you can sign on to a special website to view the fax document. Some companies also include amenities such as bulk faxing or special features like extra phone numbers for incoming faxes. The addition of these extra numbers is ideal for businesses who want to provide a unique fax number for different employees.

Users usually pay a flat monthly fee for this type of service, which is usually between five dollars and several hundred, not including possible setup fees. However, some providers also let clients pay a set price for each fax sent and received. Depending on the company, there may be a limit on the number of pages that you can send and / or receive, or your access may be unlimited. Many people and businesses choose this type of fax service because it works out to be more convenient and less costly than operating their own fax systems. Most Internet fax providers let you receive faxes as PDF or TIFF files, but they usually support numerous other types of file formats.

If you're interested in this type of fax service you should shop around to find out which package is best suited to you; the options vary quite a bit from provider to provider. Make sure you look for an Internet fax provider that has good rates, service and support.

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