Fax Machine Supplies

Keep your machine well stocked

A fax machine may be easy to use, but it's not magic. This means you're going to have to make sure it's well stocked with supplies and paper at all times. Some of the supplies you may find yourself using with a fax machine include toner cartridges, printwheels, developer, drum units, fax film rolls, thermal ribbons and ink.

Since there are so many models and types of fax machines on the market, you have to make sure that the supplies you're using are compatible with your machine. A good way to do this is check your owner's manual, speak to a sales rep or check online.

Toner is used in many fax machines to print documents. Toner is actually a very fine powder that contains plastic or wax so it can be melted by the heat of the fuser in the copier or printer. This substance usually comes in cartridges and drums, which have to be replaced when it runs out. If your fax machine is an inkjet model you will also have to change the ink cartridge when the original one runs out. Toner and ink is also available in color. The color toners are black, magenta, yellow and cyan.

Some new models of fax machines can still receive a limited number of faxes even though the unit may be out of paper and / or toner. However, it's not a good habit to let the machine run out of either, as you may miss a very important fax. To keep the machine stocked with supplies, make sure that you leave them in a convenient location where your family or employees can easily access them. Don't keep supplies locked up unless you're having a theft problem.

Fax machine supplies and paper will vary in price from store to store, but it's usually cheaper to buy items in bulk. You should remember that if you own a multifunction fax machine, you will also need to buy supplies for other parts of the unit such as the copier and printer. This is especially important when it comes to the paper, as you have to make sure you get the right size and type for your particular fax machine. All the supplies in the world won't do you any good though, if you don't know how to use and load them properly; so make sure everybody who is using the fax machine is properly trained on the use of supplies.

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