Fax Machine Maintenance

Keep your machine in working order

In order to keep your fax machine running smoothly, you're going to have to perform some routine maintenance and make sure you're using the proper supplies. Most fax machines perform pretty well, except for those confounded paper jams; but because there are several moving parts inside a unit, they can suffer major breakdowns. Even if you rent your fax machine and have a service agreement, there are some small maintenance chores should do yourself. If you have a multifunction fax machine, you also have to take care of the other parts such as the copier, scanner, and printer. Remember, the tips below are only preventative maintenance actions, and not repairs.

Maintaining Your Fax Machine:

  • If you have any trouble with your fax machine, make sure you read the troubleshooting section of the owner's manual for an explanation, and follow the guide's instructions.
  • Make sure that all employees are trained on proper use of the fax machine.
  • You can help reduce paper jams in your unit by fanning the paper by hand before putting it into the fax machine or copier. This helps prevent the rollers from trying to pull more than one sheet through at a time, which could easily result in a paper jam. You should also check the original document papers for curls and wrinkles before putting the sheets into the fax or copier, as small creases can also cause a jam.
  • If you are faced with a paper jam, try to avoid tearing the sheet off and leaving a piece inside of the machine. Never use sharp objects when trying to fix a paper jam as items such as scissors, knives and pens can cause internal damage to the device.
  • Make sure that you keep all small office items such as paper clips, staplers and elastic bands away from the unit, as these objects can cause serious damage if they get into the housing or drum.
  • When you are changing toner cartridges, be sure to clean up any toner that spills. Otherwise, the particles can gather inside the machine and may settle on a sensor, which will prevent the machine from working properly.
  • If you can, try to use your fax machine in an air conditioned room where there is less humidity. Humid air can cause the paper to stick together, which could result in a jam.
  • If possible, keep your fax machine at least six inches to a foot away from the wall, to make sure the unit is properly ventilated. This is important as air needs to circulate around the electronic circuit boards inside of the machine.
  • You can also buy maintenance kits to help keep your fax machine or multifunction fax machine in good shape. Most of these kits include items such as glass and mirror cleaner, machine cleaner, lubricant, wiping cloths, toner drop mats, protective gloves and compressed air. The air is used to blow out any dust and toner particles.
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