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Since their most popular days in the 1980's, the level of quality in fax machines has improved dramatically. Today's machines come with an assortment of easy-to-use-features, functions and capabilities, making the manufacturing of these machines a highly competitive industry. There are dozens of brands to choose from on the market.

While most companies now have sales outlets around the world, it was Japanese-based companies like Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Brother and Panasonic who really got the ball rolling with smaller, more efficient fax machines. However, there are some fine US brands available as well, with well-known names including Hewlett Packard, Lexmark and Xerox, to name a few.

While there may be a ton of brands to choose from out there, some definitely stand head and shoulders above the rest. The companies listed here all have excellent track records when it comes to making quality fax machines and multifunction fax machines. You will also find these brand name machines are popular as rental models, as well as for refurbished sale at a lower cost. Most of the leading brands also sell fax machine paper, parts and various supplies to meet all the needs of their consumers.

All of these manufacturers produce top-of-the-line fax machines for personal, small office, large corporation, educational and government use. They make various types of fax machines in an assortment of sizes, and with a variety of options and features. They also make models to fit just about any budget, as nowadays you can get quality multifunction fax machines for as low as $100.

When you're looking for a stand alone fax machine or a multifunction unit, you may want to do some comparison shopping between brands to find the one that suits you best in terms of quality and price. You will notice a difference in price between the brands, and you should also pay close attention to the warranty / guarantee that each company offers on their models. Most of the leading fax machine brands will offer longer warranties / guarantees.

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