Guide 2 Fax Machines

Your guide to fax machines

As we're now well into the 21st century, most people have a solid idea of what a fax machine is and what duties it performs. However, if you're a little unsure of your knowledge on the specifics, you've come to the right place - Guide 2 Fax Machines will give you the lowdown on this great invention, from its history to the latest technological fax machine features.

In the simplest terms, a fax machine basically lets you send documents from your machine to another machine by scanning and transmitting the information over telephone wires.

You just have to push a button to send the documents, and the person receiving it can take the incoming document from the machine's tray. It could really be compared to a form of instant mail, as the document comes out in a physical, printed version. The word fax itself is short for 'facsimile', which comes from Latin 'fac simile', meaning make similar or make a copy.

Due to the emergence of e-mail, fax machines may have lost a little of their popularity; but they're still the best method of sending information whenever legal record of transmission and delivery is required. However, you may want to be careful what information you send in your faxes, as it is not the safest method for transmitting personal and confidential information. If you're sending and receiving personal documents, it's a good idea to watch over the machine while transmission is taking place. Because fax machine numbers are usually publicly available, faxes could be intercepted by placing a "tap" on the phone line.

In our Why You Need a Fax Machine section, we'll let you know why a fax machine can still be a good investment. We'll also explain how fax machines work, and provide information on all the features and capabilities that are available with most of these electronic devices. You can also freshen up on all of the latest technological terms by reading the Fax Machine Glossary.

If you're not sure what type of fax machine you need to buy, don't worry. We'll give you information on some of the different types available, including multifunction fax machines, Internet fax machines, refurbished fax machines, and portable devices. We'll also give you the pros and cons of renting a fax machine.

If you're overwhelmed by all of the models and brands of fax machines on the market, we'll try to help you out by listing some of the top manufacturers in the business. These include well known and popular makers of electronic devices such as Canon, Brother, Sharp and Xerox.

When you do decide which type of fax machine is right for you, don't forget that you'll have to maintain your machine properly and find the right type of supplies and paper - and for that, Guide 2 Fax Machines is here to help!

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